Month: July 2019

It is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain a non-bank loan

A market analyst and expert, was a guest on Polish Radio. The subject of the broadcast “Dominic Olman” broadcast “Economics First” was the changes taking place on the FinTech market. In the first quarter of 2016, Internet companies rejected as many as 7 out of 10 applications submitted by new customers. The main reason for Read More

The delivery of the house does not cancel the debt and 10 most visited questions

I do not believe that the proposal formulated by CIU to the Congress of Deputies was believed by them nor with all my respects for training. In the Spanish legal system, the mortgage loan is a personal debt of the owner and the home is a real guarantee for the bank. If you ask me Read More

How do I buy my new car with Good Finance credits?

We know that traffic is complicated now, but when I thought that nothing could be worse than two hours in traffic, my car is ruined. And to finish the day, the mechanic gives me the worst possible news: “It will be better to buy a new car because the arrangement will be about Q 20,000.” Read More