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Online scheduling was proposed to organize the appointment scheduling and supporting communiqué between business owners and its customers. The tool was designed to streamline processes by integrating technology with business.


Online scheduling is trusted and proven tool that provides quick and easy accessibility to businesses that have scheduling as an integral element of their functionality. It gives flexibility to supervise customers, schedules, personals and appointment calendars all at one place. It is the smartest approach to grow your business and manage your time sensibly. Both customers and business owners easily follow appointments at a swift pace regardless of the limitations of time and place.


The Approach


Online scheduling application is strongly sustained by exclusive and powerful functionality that instantly confirms the appointment and advises all concerned parties vis-à-vis any schedules, cancellations or reschedules via SMS, e-mail or push notifications. The application stocks up history of valuable and relevant customer data for future exchanges. Customer satisfaction soars amid little booking-time and assured bookings. The service providers get a boost in credit and hence higher revenues.


Why Online Scheduling?


The application is a preferred choice for both customers and service providers with its competent and successful management. The interface is easy to tag along.


For Customers!


Our online scheduling has distinctive features for customers and is therefore, conspicuous for a number of evident reasons.

  • Get you started in just three clicks
  • Optimises customer interactions with a quick history of preferred service providers
  • Efficiently exhibits and books available time-slots with instant confirmation
  • Allows waitlist on preferred and booked time-slots
  • Allows to read and post reviews to attract customers
  • Books, alters or cancels appointments 24*7
  • Automatically sends appointment reminders with a never-miss approach
  • Allows scheduling through Mobile apps that is a preferred approach now-a-days


For Businesses!


Our online scheduling has distinctive features for businesses and is therefore, conspicuous for a number of evident reasons.

  • Easily steer through daily, weekly and monthly appointments without any assistance
  • Boosts revenue with higher customer satisfaction
  • Systematises customer approach through organized appointment schedules
  • Perfect and secure payment gateway for online payments
  • Quickly responds to customer feedback to serve them best
  • Highlights credentials and product offerings
  • Automatically shares promotions, reminders, and notifications
  • Provides extended functional customisation


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Thank you for your ddicated time that you are putting in to this, it is very much appriciated by AAMC. You have done lots in such a short time. We are really pleased with the progress.

- Jeff Mazzini, MD, AAMC

It has been a great experience working with addCMS. The team is very enthusiastic and I really appreciate their timely delivery of quality product. We are glad to have collaborated with them and look forward to a continual relationship.

- Shashank Saksena, Head - Digital, Aircel

The design team developed a website for our business, which is unique and flexible with detailed functionality, and state-of-the-art technology that is not common on the web. They completely handled it all so positively that we can focus on our business and do not get bothered by IT issues.

- Uriah McAlhany, MD, GameTek Global

We have had a wonderful association with Kleward throughout the entire development process. We are extremely gratified with their innovative and quality approach where all the team members take moral responsibility to meet the deadlines.

- Mumtaj, CEO, HB