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How to make your Home Page more effective

The home page is the default web page of any domain, that acts as the introductory main home page for the visitors. An online home page is the portal through which the visitors of the web page can get a glimpse of what the site might have to offer.

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Privileges Of Using Dynamic Websites

If you are still living in the boring genre of static websites, then it is about time that you wake up to the reality to see what is going on in the real world. Yes, believe it or not but dynamic websites have become the word of the day.

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How is PHP used in Web Development

Are you looking for ways to create a high-quality yet low cost web based application? Well, then PHP would be the answer to all your prayers.

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5 points to remember while logo designing

Your logo design is what acts like your virtual handshake when it comes to making the right first impressions on your prospective clients in business.

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5 Brochure Designing Tips

Do you think that your products are not able to make as effective a sale as they ought to? Well, the problem may not lie in your product line, but probably in the brochure designs that you market with.

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6 Steps for Website Redesigning

Rapid change is the only constant in this expeditious business scenario. Nothing manifests this constant variation than the World Wide Web.

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10 Catalog Designing Tips
A catalog design is probably created keeping one purpose in mind- to make audiences aware of the various products offered by your organization as well as convince them to buy them.

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Why Joomla Content Management System

Content Management System is a software designed to transform static web pages into dynamic websites.

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Using Website Design to improve your sales

When you want to boost the sales of your company, getting a website designed would be a great idea.

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Website Designing: A powerful Marketing Tool

Creating your own website is a little like creating your own sales brochure but website design is definitely a lot more challenging and intricate because it is not enough to have a list of what needs to figure on the site alone, other factors of relevance creep in.

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Multimedia Presentation: a must have in this animated world

It may seem unbelievable that just 15 years ago, the term ‘multi-media’ was used to describe the use of a variety of media using a single application.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Content Management Software

Content Management Softwareis a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of web designing. With CMS,

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How to Manage Websites through Drupal Content Management Software

Drupal is one of the most popular and widely used open source content management software (CMS) that is used to manage websites and blogs by using an online interface.

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Why India for Website Designing

When you decide to make profit in your work by establishing a website, the best place to opt for website designing is India.

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Managing Your Website with the help of a Content Management Software

The websites created in the initial years of Internet were static in nature. This means the websites once created & uploaded on the Internet could not be changed.

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How important is a home page for a web site

There have been too many theories and tips on how to go about designing a website, however, this article covers all abouthome page for website and website homepage templates.

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Things to keep in mind while designing an affiliate program

With the tremendous growth of the Internet, there has been great mushrooming of online affiliate programs. This is because online affiliate programs bring new and profitable opportunities to make profit.

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Benefits of Content Management Software

Content Management Software (CMS for short) is primarily used for web development. The use of Web Content Management Software makes it easier to update websites & provides faster access.

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Joomla vs Drupal Content Management System

When it comes to web content management systems, there are two clear leaders in the field serving the needs of web masters everywhere.

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Why every website needs a Content Management Software

Once you decide that you wish to get a web site built for your business, the next suitable step for you would be to look for a web designing firm,

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Things to keep in mind while designing a Website for visually impaired

Websites for blind people and website for visually impaired persons are getting more recognition and importance than ever before.

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Importance of Fonts for a Webpage

Webpage fonts are essential for creating an impact on the user’s impression of a site. That is why, designers take extreme caution in choosing the right fonts for a website.

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User Centered Designs

User centered designs, also termed as UCD, refers to an approach of design where the processing of information is focused on the users who will use the said product.

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Thank you for your ddicated time that you are putting in to this, it is very much appriciated by AAMC. You have done lots in such a short time. We are really pleased with the progress.

- Jeff Mazzini, MD, AAMC

It has been a great experience working with addCMS. The team is very enthusiastic and I really appreciate their timely delivery of quality product. We are glad to have collaborated with them and look forward to a continual relationship.

- Shashank Saksena, Head - Digital, Aircel

The design team developed a website for our business, which is unique and flexible with detailed functionality, and state-of-the-art technology that is not common on the web. They completely handled it all so positively that we can focus on our business and do not get bothered by IT issues.

- Uriah McAlhany, MD, GameTek Global

We have had a wonderful association with Kleward throughout the entire development process. We are extremely gratified with their innovative and quality approach where all the team members take moral responsibility to meet the deadlines.

- Mumtaj, CEO, HB